termes d'utilisation

Miramare Park regulations

Bikes, skates, scooters, and motor vehicles are not allowed inside the Park without specific authorisation.

It is forbidden to sunbathe or to swim in the small harbour or in any access to the sea.

It is also forbidden to walk in the park wearing swimsuits.
Dogs must be held on the lead.

Ball games and all types of game that might cause a nuisance are not allowed.

Animals are not to be molested in any way.

It is forbidden to pick flowers, walk on flowerbeds, picnic on lawns, or cause damage to plants, sculptures, pots or any other Park structure.

It is forbidden to litter paths or deface walls and benches. Trash must be deposited in the appropriate recycle bin.

It is forbidden to smoke or light fires.

Visitors are advised to wear shoes suitable for asphalt and paths.

Any advertising activity – e.g. leafleting – is strictly prohibited.