termes d'utilisation

Miramare Castle regulations

Visitors are kindly requested to validate their entrance ticket and to keep it throughout their visit. Museum rooms are progressively numbered and properly indicated and must be visited accordingly.

Groups or school classes are limited to 25 persons.

Children under 12 years of age are to be accompanied by an adult.

Inside the Museum smoking, eating and drinking, making noise, touching the exhibit items, littering floors and defacing walls, as well as damaging the Museum in any way, are all strictly forbidden. Trespassers will immediately be expelled from the premises and be held legally responsible for any damage done.

It is forbidden to take photographs or make recordings within in the museum without previous authorisation.

Bags, backpacks, umbrellas, etc. must de deposited in the Museum cloakroom; pushchairs must be left in the hall.

No animals of any kind may be taken into the Museum.

Mobile phones must either be switched off during the tour or at least have their volume turned down low; it is also forbidden to take pictures with them.

It is forbidden to visit the Museum clad only in swimsuits.

Any complaints or remarks should be put in writing the proper form available at the information desk.

Complaints without signature or address will be not accepted.