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Rules governing the use of the state park of Miramare

As a historical garden of highest monumental, artistic, scenic, botanical and environmental value, the nature of the park's soil and green cannot be altered. To guarantee the park's preservation in the public interest, allowing it to serve as a source of enjoyment for all, in all its peculiar and characteristic aspects, the following guidelines also mention specific conducts to be avoided:

  1. Visitors are allowed to stroll (making sure their footwear is appropriate for paths that are unpaved or terraced), rest, visit (individually or in groups, accompanied by school teachers or authorized guides), take photographs and brief videos for non-commercial use, and walk leashed domestic animals (fouling must be cleaned up). Cyclists must dismount and push their bicycles.
  2. Smoking is forbidden in all areas of the park.
  3. Strolling through the park wearing a swimsuit is not permitted; nor is bathing allowed in the small port or elsewhere in the park.
  4. Animals cannot be released in the park, not even if they are marine animals. Likewise, feeding them or bringing and leaving food behind for them is not permitted.
  5. Wandering off the paths and onto the green is not permitted; nor is picking flowers or otherwise damaging lawns, shrubbery or trees.
  6. Moving or tampering with park furniture or decor is not allowed; nor is sitting or leaning on balustrades or kerbs delimiting green areas or fountains.
  7. Using rollerblades or roller skates is not allowed, nor is any  game that would include running, or any other fast movement, and the use of a ball.
  8. Litter must not be dropped outside the receptacles provided for the disposal of refuse.
  9. On rainy or particularly windy days, visitors are strongly advised to be very careful along paths that, by their very nature, may become slippery, in particular if terraced.
  10. Any urgent communication to prevent damage or otherwise related to the safety of people or property is to be directed immediately to the security staff at the information counter in the entrance hall of the Historical Museum of the Castle of Miramare.


For complaints, relevant forms are available from the information counter; alternatively, complaints can be addressed to the Historical Museum of the Castle of Miramare by post or e-mail:

Any violation of these Rules is punishable in accordance with the Italian criminal code and applicable laws safeguarding cultural heritage.