The following are some of the initiatives that have been carried out in the museum of Miramare Castle and the surrounding park.

Inside the castle:
The computer room:   
A computer system has been installed in room XII since 23rd February thanks to the five Rotary clubs of the Julian-Isonzo area, Trieste and North Trieste, Muggia, Monfalcone and Gorizia, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of their Association which was first set up in the United States in 1905.

Information is available to visitors who, by means of a graphic guided tour, can find out more about the history of the Castle, the Hapsburg genealogy, see details of the pictures exhibited in the rooms, the biography of the artists who worked in Miramare and the exotic botanical specimens planted in the park. The computer data base, accessible through an intuitive graphic interface allows visitors to look into various themes which while different, are correlated, by exploiting hyper-textual links and jumping from one theme to another. The lecture room “Miramare Projects” is next to room X and tells about the history of the building of the Castle and Park.

The information room "Plans for Miramare"
This space offers the visitor a potted history of the origins of the castle and the park. Located just after room X.

Inside the park:
The Old Conservatories Greenhouses
cedro dell'Atlante (Cedrus atlantica Endl.Carr.)
"The butterfly garden " (for further information -tel. 040 224144)

The "Castelletto"
seat of the marine park of Miramare has samples of Mediterranean flora and fauna. For further information tel. 040 224147